xyHt Weekly News Recap: 09/16/2022

New Report Assesses Effects of Operating a Terrestrial Radio Network Near GPS Frequency Bands

UESI Surveying & Geomatics Conference 2022

Registration for CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2023 is Open

Airbus, Hiratagakuen to Test Future eVTOL Flight Routes in Kansai Region

Hexagon Announces Aerial Data Collection of Eight U.S. States at 6-inch Resolution

Susan O’Malley to be Keynote Speaker at 2023 CGA Conference & Expo

Ushr Inc. Expands HD Map Coverage for GM to More Than 400K Miles in U.S. and Canada

First Airbus Eurostar Neo satellite Ready for Shipment to Launch Site

Elevating High-Precision Aerial Lidar Mapping with TOPODRONE and Velodyne Lidar

Trimble Sets Climate Goals to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Near Space Labs Launches Imagery Grant Program

Sanborn Acquires AppGeo; Creates Geospatial Powerhouse

Space Innovators Create First Satellite with Both SAR and Optical Payloads

Commercial UAV Expo 2022 Surpasses All Prior Records with 232 Exhibitors and 4,100 Registrants  


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