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2022 Monumental Changes, Part 2

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The U.S, National Geodetic Survey continues its examination of the impacts to passive geodetic control networks by the planned 2022 reference frame modernization. Editor’s note: A Field Notes article by Scott Martin posed the question, “Are HARNs on Death Row?” and Dru Smith began answering that in the December 29017 xyHt cover story. Here in […]

Easing the 3D Workflow

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For 30 years, an Alaska-based company has been producing digital mapping and photogrammetic software to help automate the complex work of data interpretation.  Photogrammetry, long the foundation of mapping, has evolved much since 1987 when DAT/EM Systems International was founded. Despite all the advances in both hardware and software, however, the latter cannot yet reliably […]

Digital Verification

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Complex roofing work with bent and twisted beams gets back on track thanks in part to construction verification software. This $31 million construction project was complicated from the start. The site was in the Danish city of Ballerup, and the plan included five structural steel buildings that would comprise a new, state-of-the-art health care facility. […]

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The Future of Office Software

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Cloud-based computing offers advantages in speed and cost, and desktop software is adapting to leverage the benefits.  It seems like just yesterday we had dial-up internet connections using 56k modems. It is amazing to observe how technology has evolved and how much our lives depend on being connected. That evolution is driving fundamental changes for […]

The Case for Software Training

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This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series February 2018

Getting the most value from construction software means knowing how to thoroughly use it.  Gone are the days in the construction industry when a smart owner/operator and his backhoe could handle most projects. Back then, measurements were close approximations, and quality was achieved through the skills and experience of the hired contractor. Today, contractors and […]