Sponsored Content: Revolutionizing Utility Mapping in North America

As many of you already know, inaccurate utility locational data is one of the main causes of utility strikes. In 2021, this has led to an estimated $30 billion societal cost due to delays and damages in the USA alone, according to The 2021 Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report released in October by the nonprofit Common Ground Alliance.

Since its inception in 2001, Reduct NV (www.reduct.net) has launched a range of Gyroscopic Pipeline Mapping solutions to help reduce the risk of utility damage. The smallest system can map a 1¼” duct, the standard US duct trade size for data cables. Standard centralized solutions are available up to 40” pipe ID and when fitted with invert wheel sets, larger diameter pipes can be mapped as well.

Reduct’s user-friendly gyro-mapping solutions provide not only accurate 3D positional data, but due to the high frequency logging highly accurate bend radius, inclination, and undulation data as well. Efficient operational procedures enable a crew of two to complete the mapping of a 3,000-foot pipe segment within the hour. 

Meet EGW Utility Solutions, Reduct’s new distribution partner for North America

Demand for accurate as-built data is growing rapidly. However, gyro-mapping services are offered by a limited number of service providers in the US, causing long lead times and high mobilization costs. The solution is to bring gyro solutions closer to you. To help us achieve this, Reduct is proud to partner with EGW Utility Solutions (www.egwutilitysolutions.com), a trusted provider of high-end technology to the utility market for over 22 years.  

EGW, based in Carrollton, Texas, is a company with a proven track record, deep understanding and expertise in the North American underground utility market, a focus on solving problems, making connections, and serving others.  That is why we believe EGW is an excellent partner to take on this challenge. 

The Reduct Academy, located in Houston, will support the EGW sales team by providing online and live training courses, and technical support.

Not sure yet whether gyro-mapping can benefit your network integrity and operational processes? Contact Reduct or EGW and we will be happy to elaborate on suitable solutions. And remember, take no risk, get it mapped.

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