Sri Krishna Murthy Hari

23 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2023 – 12 of 23

Name: Sri Krishna Murthy Hari
Current position: Head of GIS
Age: 32              

Education: MS Integrated Geospatial Sciences, Michigan Technological University

Krishna leads the GIS teams in building detailed 3D maps and indoor routing datasets for essentially all the addresses in the U.S. By leveraging the concepts of remote sensing, digital image processing, network analysis, and GIS automation, Krishna has developed pipelines to build volumes of 3D indoor datasets at scale. By extending the traditional routing services indoors, his work helps not only solve the last-mile problem but also help fire and emergency personnel arrive at locations faster. 

He is passionate about building a virtual ecosystem with digital twins along with highly accurate 3D geocoding and routing services from which meaningful solutions can be built to solve some of the most crucial problems around location intelligence.

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