In The News: A Geospatial Year at Woolpert 2017-2018

Woolpert has been in business for 107 years, building a strong, broad-based foundation through engineering, surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, lidar collection, GIS, etc., to provide the most comprehensive geospatial support in the industry. In the past year alone our work in each of these sites, represented by these red dots, were spotlighted in the press. They illustrate the literal and figurative geospatial ground we cover.

  1. Houston, Texas 9/3/17: High-Res Flood Imagery Aids Hurricane Relief –
  2. Miami, Fla. 9/15/17: Imagery Illustrates Irma Flooding, Damage –
  3. Miami, Fla. 4/30/18: FDOT Contracts for Photogrammetry –
  4. Washington, D.C. 9/20/17: Lovin Speaks to Congress About NOAA’s Digital Coast –
  5. Washington, D.C. 10/10/17: Congress Briefed on 3DEP’s Role in Disaster Response –
  6. San Antonio, Texas 10/5/17: Orthoimagery, Lidar Data, GIS Services Support USAF, GeoBase –
  7. Denver, Colo. 10/5/17: Geospatial Technologies Help Locate Underground Utilities –
  8. Denver, Colo. 11/1/17: CDOT Requests Surveying, Mobile Lidar, Right-of-Way Mapping –
  9. Columbus, Ohio 12/1/17: How Base Mapping Will Help Navigate Smart Cities –
  10. Columbus, Ohio 5/7/18: UAS, Esri ArcGIS Online, 3D Scanning Fuel Advances in Energy Industry –
  11. Chesapeake, Va. 12/27/17: Discussing Whether to Generate Contours from Lidar Data, Need for Breaklines –
  12. Chesapeake, Va. 1/12/18: 7 Geospatial Trends to Watch in 2018 –
  13. Dayton, Ohio 1/22/18: SmartView Connect Publishing Data at Unprecedented Speeds –
  14. Kiln, Miss. 2/1/18: Bathymetric Lidar Training Shared with NAVOCEANO Personnel –
  15. Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska 1/25/18: Lidar Data Helping Alaska Coastline –
  16. Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska 7/1/18: Woolpert Remote Sensing, Mapping Wins MAPPS Award –
  17. Columbia County, Ga. 2/2/18: GIS-Centric Emergency Response System Key After Hurricane Irma –
  18. Savannah, Ga. 2/12/18: Airport Partners with Woolpert on Drone Utilization –
  19. Tallahassee, Fla. 4/17/18: Florida Property Appraisers Request Aerial Imagery –
  20. Tallahassee, Fla. 5/8/18: How to Increase Stormwater Utility Rates Without Increasing Rates –
  21. Lake Andes, S.D. 5/1/18: Woolpert Performs Largest Commercial Single Photon Lidar Acquisition in North America –
  22. Orlando, Fla. 5/4/18: Integrating Open-Source GIS and Cloud Services for DoD, Energy Co-op, USACE –
  23. Sun City, Ariz. 5/9/18: Asset Management Implementation Benefits Multi-State Water Utility Services –
  24. Harrisburg, Penn. 5/17/18: Photogrammetry Supports PennDOT Road Engineering Design and Survey –
  25. San Francisco, Calif. 7/23/18: Woolpert Named 2017 Google Cloud Partner Award for Customer Success for Google Maps –
  26. Augustine, Fla. 8/8/18: Vital Deployment of Lidar Data Crucial to Emergency Response –

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