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Our Editorial Policy

Flatdog Media, Inc. (and xyHt’s editorial team) seek relevant feature and story development ideas from all practitioners in disciplines that use precision measurement, positioning, and imaging technologies and skills. Story ideas submitted by individuals and companies wishing to publish content in the interest of all geospatial professionals will be considered. Please send your ideas to shelly (dot) cox (at) xyht (dot) com.

However, xyHt does not publish press releases or submitted articles verbatim. If a submission or idea for one fits our desired mission, style, and standards, we will assign it to a writer or editor for further development in print or online.

Companies looking to use the editorial pages of xyHt exclusively for promotional purposes to announce product launches, business solutions, and activities in the interest of gaining new revenue or investment are encouraged to repurpose that information into an appropriate advertising format.

Sponsored Content

If you’ve got an article you’d like published verbatim in xyHt, consider submitting it as sponsored content, which appears on our website as a special blog. Contact us for pricing.

Our Advertising Policy

Because of the quality of our timely, relevant and in-depth geospatial content, xyHt’s magazine, website, and newsletters consistently engage a highly targeted audience of decision-makers across many geospatial disciplines.

Our multi-media packaging approach offers an effective strategy for companies looking to gain qualified customers and the potential benefits of new, long term profitable partnerships.

While Flatdog Media provides varying degrees of editorial support to its marketing partners, we believe that a well-rounded strategy of appropriate editorial coverage, branded, and direct-response advertising, and the creation of social media activity is the most effective use of our media offerings.

Feel free to ask us for references from advertisers who will confirm the value of connecting with xyHt readers through a well thought-out plan.

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