Jordan Friis

Jordan Friis

Jordan FriisSurveyor, Wood and Partners Consultants New Zealand

The “sparkle in his eyes” when Jordan Friis talks about his volunteer work inspired his nominator to be “proud and confident for a bright future ahead for all young surveyors volunteering their time and skills.”

Jordan worked for the Volunteer Community Surveyor (VCS) Program, a joint competence-based program with Global Land Tool Network (facilitated by UN-Habitat) and the International Federation of Surveyors Young Surveyors Network. As the first VCS, Jordan supported Huradec Nepal, a local NGO, with statistical time division multiplexing. His project supported three communities in Nepal towards speeding recovery from the 2015 earthquake and improving tenure security through the application of fit-for-purpose land administration solutions. Jordan earned his bachelor’s in surveying at the University of Otago.

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