Empowering Utility Engineers to Make Informed Decisions

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) has been a leader in the geospatial industry for 55 years, offering turn-key solutions for lidar, orthoimagery, obliques, and geotagged 4k video supporting a multitude of applications, including above ground utilities.

ASI provides rapid turnaround and high-quality mapping to assist utility engineers throughout the design, build, and inspection process. ASI’s utility mapping experts have performed jobs nationwide, from mapping business park-level node sites to transmission line corridors stretching thousands of miles. ASI’s advanced remote sensing tools and techniques provide network stakeholders with highly useful data to make informed decisions regarding their network.

To provide network engineers the right information at the right time, ASI utilizes the latest acquisition technology and processing software for modeling overhead lines, structures, terrain, and vegetation features.  Features extracted from lidar point clouds provide utility engineers critical data to model and calculate line ratings, element sag and tension. ASI’s utility corridor system provides high-resolution camera imagery coupled with geotagged 4K video and can automatically target power line rights-of-way, poles, and towers.

ASI recently completed a survey of over 1,600 miles of transmission and distribution lines in the mountain west, including substations, microwave radio sites, power plant facilities, and right-of-way features. High detailed planimetric mapping was completed on nearly 100 substations. Final deliverables included classified lidar, orthoimagery, oblique imagery, and 4K video.

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