Jeremiah Johnson

Flight Test Engineer at 3D RoboticsJeremiah Johnson

Just as test pilots for manned aircraft need to have the “right stuff,” so do UAS pilots. Jeremiah Johnson, surveyor and pilot, got his start at a surveying company in Texas where he wrote tools for the QC of aerial data captured by the company’s manned helicopters. After realizing that the same software could be ported to unmanned vehicles, he started working with UAVs for aerial-mapping purposes.

Jeremiah was hired by 3D Robotics, a leading provider of professional sUAS, as a flight test engineer to aid in development of UAVs and their role as enterprise mapping tools. Among his other duties, Jeremiah developed applications using full-motion video for high-level geospatial analysis of imagery/video collected in the field using UAS. He now lives in the Bay Area where he flies UAVs during the week and manned airplanes on the weekends.


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