Javier Garcia Robles

Remote Sensing Engineer at Altamira InformationJavier Garcia Robles

Javier Garcia Robles specializes in the field of advanced satellite radar interferometry (InSAR) studies, with seven years’ experience in Earth observation (EO). He received an MS in telecommunications engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain, and since then he has been working in radar and optical data processing. Javier’s role is project manager and technical expert for ground motion studies for civil engineering, mining, and natural hazards. He has a strong background in the strategy definition and processing of EO projects related to urban surveillance and the construction of infrastructure.

Among his projects are the EO-World project (partnership with the European Space Agency and World Bank) for the Jakarta agglomeration InSAR ground motion study, GMES Terrafirma project, FP7 Bio-SOS project, the historical ground motion study for Crossrail London, and the historical ground motion study for Perth Airport.

Javier enjoys traveling, learning languages, and cooking, and he’s been playing tennis since he was eight.  He cares a lot for the environment and works for environmental awareness.

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