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DeBoer_J-8Jeff DeBoer is program manager of OEM & Mobile Mapping Systems at Topcon Positioning Systems.

My main role at Topcon is supporting our customers and working with our mass data collection systems. My responsibilities range from working internally with our engineering teams to help develop and improve products to going out in the field conducting product demonstrations and trainings directly to end users. I help answer questions to keep our customers productive and successful.

I studied surveying in college at Penn State University under Chuck Ghilani, Tom Seybert, Frank Derby, Wes Parks, and Sal Marsico — all great contributors to the program. I’m hoping to visit the campus soon to work with Dr. Derby and the students on mass data technology opportunities and applications.

Jeff DeBoer with Topcon's Falcon 8

Jeff DeBoer with Topcon’s Falcon 8

What appealed to me when joining Topcon were the opportunities to work with the technology to help create new products and workflows for the industry. The influx of UAVs and their versatility on the data they’re able to collect and create is all truly remarkable.

I’m from Pennsylvania, so I try to make it back home during time off to visit family and friends. While there, I do a little hunting and fishing as well as go hiking and camping. The last time fishing was with my dad, sister, and brother in law—I didn’t do nearly as well as they did (see that small fish?), but it’s always a good time regardless.

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