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Half-Earth Day 2019

E.O. Wilson Spearheads a Global Call to Action In 2016, Edward O. Wilson, the “Father of Biodiversity,” wrote a book called Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life. In the third part of a trilogy, after The Social Conquest of Earth and The Meaning of Human Existence, Wilson refutes our impending sixth extinction and argues the...

Clear Scanning on the Clearwater

Above: The survey included collecting bathymetric data on the river bottom and bridge substructure with multibeam sonar as well as capturing above- and below-waterline mobile mapping data with the Leica Pegasus: Two mobile sensor platform. Two well-paired engineering firms used high-accuracy mobile mapping to combine bathymetry and lidar data for a fast-turnaround topographic survey of...

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Carlson Survey and GIS 2020 offer User Interface Upgrades, Efficiency Tools and Education Learn How to Process and Visualize Data with Drone Based Lidar with Microdrones More dynamic, Carlson Civil and Hydrology 2020 provide advanced new features SXblue Launches SXblue ToolBox Application on iOS      

R Map

The Program R

What is it, and what can it do for AEC? R is a free, open source program that is becoming increasingly popular in the geospatial industry. R used to be the preserve of statisticians, but its open and flexible nature has allowed it to grow to cover a wide range of disciplines and user bases....

Petaluma and Napa Creeks 1861. Re-issued 1882 with Aids to Navigation corrected to 1885. Credit: NARA C&GS; Collection.

Steeped in History

Recently I spent a few days with my family at the remote cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where I had retraced an 1876 mining claim boundary two years prior. I wrote about that experience here. Humoring the Old Man During this recent visit my daughters and sons-in-law humored me by agreeing to let me...

East Meets West Meets East

Above is the object lens for the FOCUS 35, one the largest for robotic total stations with the prism directly attached; this differs from the legacy prism stems that can reduce returned signals. Photos: G. Schrock, from a recent tour of the Spectra factory in Shanghai. Multiple, distinguished legacy companies in precision optics and manufacturing...