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Lidar, 3D Modeling Bringing Fort Anne Back to Life

A Canadian archaeologist is using advanced mapping and visualization technologies to bring one of the earliest European settlements in North America back to life. Dr. Jonathan Fowler combined a centuries-old map with a modern 3D terrain model to portray Fort Anne and its surrounding in stunning detail – just as the Nova Scotia site looked...

The Early Days of 3D Laser Scanning: Part 9

This series of articles (monthly, starting with the June 2020 issue) gives readers behind-the-scenes insights into a small but ambitious start-up, Cyra Technologies, that was an early pioneer of 3D laser scanning technology.

Using Lidar to Strengthen Ground Control

With the maturity of aerial photogrammetry in the early 1900s in pre-war Germany, military applications, especially reconnaissance and semi-accurate 3D maps and approximate contour lines, became the norm.

Lidar and Ice

Manfred Burchroithner grew up in the Austrian Alps not far from Eisriesenwelt, a stunning 26-mile long ice cave that is the largest in the world.

Preventing Damage to Underground Utility Lines

Common Ground Alliance (CGA), the national nonprofit trade association dedicated to protecting underground utility lines, people who dig near them and their communities, today published a Report to the Industry as part of its Next Practices Initiative. The Next Practices Initiative launched in 2020 with the goal of driving innovative solutions to the damage prevention industry’s biggest challenges,...