Alex Hill-Stosky

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24 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2024

Company: Eagle Engineering & Consulting
Current position: Manager of reality capture development and regulation
Age: 38
Education: BS in geodesy and geomatics engineering with cadastral survey option, University of New Brunswick; Diploma in geomatics engineering technology, Centre of Geographic Sciences

Hill-Stosky was inspired by his brother to enroll at COGS in 2014 with the intention of establishing a career as an accredited land surveyor. Geomatics became a passion for him, but economic hardships forced the world economy to slow just as Hill-Stosky entered the workforce. He doubled down on education, earning an engineering degree with an accreditation in cadastral land survey in 2022.

Hill-Stosky became excited by 3DGIS, the power of digital twins, and the potential of reality capture technology and analytics, causing a shift in career interest. He started with Eagle Engineering & Consulting uniting the entities at a time when Eagle had recently emerged as an innovative reality capture solutions partner and provider. In the two years since, Hill-Stosky has risen from technician, to team lead, to manager of reality capture development and regulation for Eagle Engineering.

Within that time, Eagle has acquired a wide range of 3D scanning instruments to facilitate a number of reality capture initiatives from asset status documentation and reporting, to point cloud extraction, analytics and engineering surveys, plus engaging with developers and networks around the world to help bring in 21st century spatial awareness to those who stand to benefit from it.

Hill-Stosky is at the forefront of several pioneering initiatives with Eagle and actively promotes awareness about the potential of reality capture technology. He is a visible presence on podcasts, event committees, conference platforms, and panel discussions alongside esteemed industry peers for organizations such as the Reality Capture Network (RCN,) the United States Institute for Building Documentation (USIBD,) and GoGeomatics Canada. He is a founding committee member of the first GoGeomatics Expo in Calgary held in November 2023.

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