Mariana Vilela

24 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2024

Company: GeoMax Positioning
Current Position: Technical support for US, Canada & LATAM
Age: 29
Education: Associate degree in psychology; currently working on a bachelor’s degree in land surveying

Born in Brazil and fluent in three languages, Vilela brings a global perspective to her work. She manages technical support, dealer, and customer training for the U.S. and LATAM regions of GeoMax, a part of Hexagon.

Before her current role, she honed her skills and gained priceless experience as a land surveyor with Langan Engineering and AIA Surveying in New York. During those five years, she had the opportunity to work on challenging projects, contributing to the growth and success of those organizations.

Seeking new avenues to expand her expertise, she joined Tiger Supplies as a survey equipment specialist. It was here she developed a unique understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of multiple brands. She also honed her talent for technical sales, building the company’s online exposure through product videos.

In her role with GeoMax, Vildla has established herself as an expert in X-PAD software, helping customers across multiple countries improve their workflows, become more efficient, and deliver greater results for their clients. Through her diligent efforts and desire to help others succeed, Vilela has delivered unparalleled support and made a significant imXpact on the surveying market.

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