Perri Howard

Perri Howard – Geospatially inspired artist – Washington USA

Perri Howard, a Seattle-based artist, sculptor, pilot, and mariner, came to the attentioPerri Howardn of the surveying community through several of her public and studio art projects that weave in spatial themes. One of these was the photo and sound series “Precisely Known Completely Lost,” with close-up photos of surveying monuments juxtaposed with images of the sky immediately above each site.

When the call for a public art design to be co-located with a surveying calibration baseline (in a public park) was announced, it was no surprise that Perri’s “Straight Shot” was chosen. The installation included a series of stone monoliths, placed along the baseline at doubling distances and with aligned holes drilled in each—affording a sight-line—like a surveyor’s instrument.

In Perri’s studio art you will find recurring spatial themes integrating grids, landscapes, maps, charts, nods to navigation –  aviation and the nautical. Her studio name, “Velocity Made Good,” has a nautical origin. In her public art sculptures, permanent and temporary installations, Perri seeks to engage the viewer to experience a sense of place and spatiality, with art titles like “Bearings and Boundaries” and “Floating Datums.”

Perri is now serving on the Seattle Arts Commission, enjoys running, flying, sailing, and sharing adventures with her husband Craig and trusty pooches Maya and Rudder. You can see more of Perri’s work at vmgworks.com1sculptures

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