Roshni Sharma

23 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2023 – 16 of 23

Name: Roshni Sharma
Company: Frontier SI              
Current position: Project Manager and Analyst
Age: 34              

Education: BS in Environmental Science and Management, University of Newcastle; MS in Spatial Information Systems, University of New South Wales; MS (Research), Geosciences, University of Sydney

Sharma is a thought leader, a compassionate disruptor, an innovator, a connector, and someone who gets things done. Having traversed environmental science and management, human geography, paleoclimatology, and business, she is a qualified leadership coach. She is dedicating her life to working in the spatial industry to harness location intelligence for people and planet.  

At FrontierSI, Sharma is at the forefront of the industry, bringing together cutting-edge innovation into useful applications for academia, industry, and government. She is also recognized by Geospatial World as one of 2022’s 50 Rising Stars, and one of 80 women selected internationally for Homeward Bound 5 Women in STEM program set to sail to Antarctica in late 2023.  

Sharma strives to create positive change in the world around us. She aims to empower and inspire those around her, to always be learning and developing, and to converging and collaborating to create positive impact for the future. Her research-based master of science explored long-term Holocene climate change and variability in earth systems science through the University of Sydney. While attaining her master of science and technology in spatial information at the University of New South Wales she took a deep-dive into location technologies and solutions. She is currently the core team lead of the FIG Young Surveyor’s Network Volunteer Community Surveyor Program.

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