Bruno Alexandre Krenski

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Name: Bruno Alexandre Krenski
Company: Top Terra & Measuring Masters
Current position: Land Surveyor
Age: 32              

Education: Surveying Technician

When my father was young, he got to know the profession and became a practical surveyor and a while bought his first total station and project software. We spent hours on the computer learning, he with the software manual and his wisdom and me with the quick click. We built the business Top Terra. 

We started with small construction sites and surveys. In 2017 my friend Felipe Axt, a civil engineer, joined the company, and today we have evolved and have a vast portfolio in topography, execution of infrastructure, and engineering projects. Always looking for the latest updates, we work with GNSS RTK controlled by Android application, with drones, photogrammetry, laser scanner, and autonomous solutions. 

After purchasing a GNSS RTK equipment in early 2019, I was invited to a resellers event in São Paulo, Brazil, to give my testimony as a user. We recorded a simple video on the balcony of the building and then I was invited to attend the INTERGEO conference in 2019. There we recorded videos with Geomax and Hexagon about my experience with the product. Due to this opportunity, I embarked on a career as a digital influencer, without knowing much about what I am doing to this day, but we are still going strong with the project. We attended the 2022 edition of INTERGEO and will be releasing new videos on our social networks Measuring Masters.  

My main goal with content creation is to disseminate information for surveying professionals. Surveyors are responsible for the digitalization of the world, meaning we have a great mission ahead of us.  

To monetize the Measuring Masters project, we created an online store of surveying accessories. We have not yet sold outside Brazil, but this will be the next step.

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