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A GNSS L1 Base, Rover, and Data Collector

The trend in surveying is to have a Total Station/Robot and a GPS on every survey party. This gives maximum flexibility and productivity to a two-man crew. The surveyors at Champion Instruments have produced a product that makes this configuration affordable and convenient.


The HC2 works as a GNSS base or rover and as a data collector for your existing GNSS, total station, or robotic total station.

The HC2 handheld data collector is also a L1 RTK, and with the addition of an external antenna, it gives centimeter accuracy. The Party Chief can set control points with RTK, then occupy them with the optical instrument to work in harsh environments, or produce high relative accuracy. This approach is familiar, however never at this low price point. The HC2 uses traditional RTCM messages from networks or internet available base stations. The price of the HC2 is probably less than what you paid for your current handheld, but it has so many more features and functions.

The GNSS era has lead us down a road where surveyors are buying receivers capable of using future signals. The launch schedules keep being delayed on these future satellites. The L1 signal is capable of providing accurate results still today, so buying an affordable HC2 is a functional way to work smart without spending too much. Many web enabled devices will start using high precision GPS chips in the near future. The HC2 is slightly ahead of its time and is an industrial handheld to produce survey-accurate results today.


Lonnie Sears is the co-founder of Champion Instruments.

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