Disaster Relief Fund for Surveyors

Surveyors helping surveyors. The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Foundation Disaster Relief Fund is offering financial assistance for surveyors affected by the recent, multiple,and devastating, disasters—and seeks donations.

Click here to see before and after images of Hurricane Harvey, courtesy of Woolpert; the ArcGIS Disaster Response Map showing the wildfires; and the National Hurricane Center maps (NOAA).

Originating when Hurricane Andrew stuck Florida in 1992, the fund provides direct assistance (by request) for fellow surveyors. Assistance from the fund is intended to assist with immediate needs of daily living for those affected by a disaster. Distribution from the fund may be used for short term assistance expenses for food, clothing, lodging, medicine or other immediate needs. Applications are also accepted from surveyors needing assistance that are not members of the NSPS or respective state societies. The Foundation is a tax deductible 501 c3 organization. Instructions on how to apply for relief funds, or to donate can be found here.

The following is a letter from Joseph M. Dolan, PLS, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, NSPS Foundation:

To all Surveying and  Mapping Professionals

Dear Fellow Professional:


[Ed. Update September 10th, 2017: relief fund also supports victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida, and the record wildfires in the West]


The news about the tremendous flooding and wind damage in Texas is virtually 24 hours a day. President Trump has declared Texas and Louisiana “Disaster Areas” The torrential rains, already over 50” in some areas were unprecedented and the water is still rising.

Many surveyors, their employees and their families will be the victims of this flooding! These surveyors will lose most of their furniture, appliances and clothing and their offices to the flood waters. Some will not be located in a FEMA designated flood zone and will have no flood insurance! Others will have flood insurance on the buildings but no contents!

I can tell you personally that being a flood victim is a devastating experience! I was wiped out in Super Storm Sandy. The effects of that flooding are still with me and the communities hit by that storm. There are still many abandoned homes and businesses four years after Sandy!

My point is that Your Foundation needs donations! We need money to replenish our Disaster Relief Fund and satisfy the claims that will be arriving from Texas and Louisiana!  We have already received and granted money to several victims. Our Disaster Relief fund is there to help our fellow professionals (THAT MEANS YOU) recover from floods, storms, tornadoes, fires and any other natural or man-made disaster. You never know when you are going to need help. I sure didn’t!

I am asking you to assist the Foundation in raising money for the “Disaster Relief Fund.  Please be as generous as possible with your donations. I know that times are still difficult in some areas but send whatever you can afford. We will gratefully accept any donation you can make!

The National Society of Professional Surveyors Foundation, Inc. is a tax deductible 501 c3 organization, registered in Maryland. Send your tax deductible donations to our headquarters, shown below.  Please mark “Disaster Relief” on your checks.

Remember that the next check we send could be to you!!!

Thank you for your anticipated generosity!




Joseph M. Dolan, PLS

NSPS Foundation Chairman

Images above are from the Texas National Guard.

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