Alexander Ustinov

Alexander UstinovDeputy Department Head at RusHydro’s JSC Institute HydroProject

That the worlds of geospatial information, engineering, and high-precision positioning have been able to merge under an umbrella of real-time geodesy has been possible in part to the efforts of a new wave of “geo-renaissance” practitioners like Alexander Ustinov. With educational credentials that include the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University and the National School of Geographic Sciences, Alexander has studied in France and is active in international geodetic organizations. He became involved in the wave of spin-off ventures fostered by Roscosmos (the Russian space agency), including the development of real-time GNSS networks.

Alexander’s current work involves large-scale hydroelectric engineering projects, and he’s among the leadership in the geodesy section of the National Geophysical Committee. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Alexander’s work is also his passion.


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