Anita Graser

Researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology, Department of GeoinformaticsAnita Graser

The open-source geoformation community truly has grass roots; it is an international movement where collaboration in research and development of tools and solutions mostly inhabits the cloud and is conducted in
real-time through services like GitHub. Anita Graser is one of the movement’s most tireless promoters and celebrated personalities.

Anita has demonstrated that open-source geoformation resources such as the internationally “crowd sourced” Open Street Maps can be paired with tool such as Quantum GIS (QGIS, the most widely adopted desktop open-source GIS interface) to research such things as traffic and transportation trends, the subject of several of her academic papers.

Anita is a lecturer for both the Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg and the University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt, and has guest-lectured at Ryerson University in Toronto. In her spare time she’s authored popular guidebooks for using QGIS.


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Anita Graser” Comment

  1. Thanks for all the work you and the QGIS team do to give us an important alternate GIS. Not just the coding but the support you provide in books and on stack exchange. I feel competition is very important in the GIS software (be in commerical of FOSS) industry and for me the only true fully featured desktop alternative to ArcGIS is QGIS and in many respects it has become an industry leader.

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