Hanna Fadhila

Hanna FadhilaHydrographic and Land Surveyor at Java Offshore

In the fields of energy and oil and gas are a substantial number of surveyors adept at both land and hydrographic surveying, ready to jump into all manner of projects across the globe. These young practitioners provide inspiration for those considering entering the field: their jobs require a premium of education and experience and a lot of hard work, but they get plenty of adventure.

Hanna Fadhila is a fine example: with a bachelor’s degree in geodesy and geomatics engineering from the Institute of Technology, Bandung, she has performed geophysical site surveys for exploration and extraction sites and pipeline route surveys in and around Indonesia and Malaysia. Her work has included the use of positioning systems (with navigation systems often needing troubleshooting while on board), sonar, and AUV (underwater bots) and factors in geodesy, projections, tidal influences, and project management.



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