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40 Under 40, 2017: Arnadi Dhestaratri Murtiyoso



THE DIGITAL 3D IMAGING AND PHOTOGRAMMETRY REVOLUTION, enabled by UAS and its software boom, has expanded opportunities for talented young researchers in academia and commercial laboratories.The fruits of their research rapidly make it into your geomatics toolkits.

Since his bachelor studies, Arnadi Dhestaratri Murtiyoso has been focusing on research into the use of geodetic and topographic techniques for the documentation and conservation of cultural heritage sites, using mainly photogrammetry and laser scanning. After a stint as a research assistant in the remote sensing and GIS research group of the Bandung Institute of Technology (in his home country of Indonesia), Arnadi worked with leading geomatics research laboratories in Europe, including the 3D Optical Metrology of the FBK Trento (Italy), the Institute for Photogrammetry of the University of Stuttgart, and his current lab posting: the photogrammetry and geomatics group of the ICube Laboratory in Strasbourg.

Arnadi is a member of the CIPA heritage documentation group (a joint organization of the International Society for Photogram- metry and Remote Sensing) and the International Council on Monuments and Sites. His current research is in the development of UAS-based methods for the modeling and high-precision, close-range inspection of heritage buildings; this includes co-authorship of the publication, “Oblique Aerial Photography Tools for Building Inspection and Damage Assessment.” Arnadi plans to continue doctoral studies at the University of Strasbourg.

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