Joshua T. Rayburn

Joshua T. RayburnMobile Mapping Manager at Leica Geosystems, NAFTA

Lidar and mobile mapping systems may be getting easier to operate, but to operate them effectively and efficiently requires a helping hand in the form of training and support. Joshua Rayburn has grown a community of top-end users by focusing on creating strong customer relationships, and he’s committed to delivering valuable insights that lead to better solutions and success through technology.

Josh received his degree from Marshall University in Huntington, WV and began work with E.L. Robinson Engineering.  After more than 13 years in the survey and geospatial business as a project manager focusing on static scanning, mobile lidar, and monitoring, Josh moved to Leica Geosystems. He worked in HDS (static lidar) sales before joining the mobile mapping team at the beginning of 2015. Away from work he enjoys travelling with his wife and daughter.


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