Beth Schechter

Beth SchechterCurriculum Writer at Skullcrush

Sometimes, significant forces for change for the geospatial community come from outside traditional channels. Beth Schechter is an educator, designer, and author with a mission to change the world through writing, data, education … and maps!

With a masters in digital media from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelors in philosophy from Georgia State University, Beth has held a fascinating succession of postings—ranging from education, design, outreach, and marketing—including working for the Burning Man project.

It was Beth’s exposure to the tech-crucible environment of Silicon Valley that made her see gender disparity in not only many high-tech industries but also the geospatial community, professions, and industries. Inspired to affect change and to hone her own mapping skills, Beth hosted the first meeting of Maptime in 2013. Maptime has now grown into local chapters worldwide as informal, grassroots meetings with collaborative education and training in map-making.


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