xyHt Digital Magazine: May 2023

xyHt’s May issue focuses on uncrewed aerial vehicles and uncrewed aerial systems. As is the case with almost every aspect of the geospatial professions, UAVs and UASs are constantly evolving with advances in technology.

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Here are some highlights:

Soaring into the Future: In the 10 years since unscrewed aircraft broke into photogrammetry, many people, including author Juan Plaza, have become believers. What does the future hold for uncrewed photogrammetry?

Mapping Trees: As tree-planting efforts take root in cities around the world, urban managers turn to geospatial tools to map and monitor their community’s canopy cover.

Surveying for Safety: Lush vegetation, beautiful ocean vistas, and a historic valley provide the setting for a complex engineering project that needed to address cultural and technical considerations on Hawaii’s northern shore.

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