xyHt Magazine Heights 2021 Issue

Click on the cover to view the Heights 2021 supplement to xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include:

  • Archiving Earth: An ambitious plan to make a digital twin of the entire landmass of Earth is gaining support throughout the geospatial community. Using airborne lidar can such a monumental project help save the planet?
  • Looking Up: Welcome to xyHt’s 2021 edition of Heights where we discuss all things aerial.
  • The Growing Use of Drones: UAVs are becoming more and more commonplace in the geospatial professions, but they are also filtering into other professions like crime fighting and forestry.
  • Looking Back: In the early days of using lasers to measure things and create images, contributing writer Juan Plaza used a single-beam laser in a 1967 Beechcraft airplane over the Amazon rainforest.
  • MAPPS Directory: A listing of MAPPS members with phone numbers and web site information.
  • The State of MAPPS: Incoming president Robert Hanson takes a look at back at 2020 and how successful the organization was despite pandemic lockdowns and difficulties.
  • Seeing the Trees and the Forest: Hyperspectral imaging and airborne lidar are becoming a match made in the sky. Among the dizzying array of possibilities, the two are being used to survey trees and asses their numbers and health.
  • Don’t Crash Your Drone: Contributing editor Jeff Salmon, a long-time UAV expert, recounts his history with flying drones and offers a few lessons on how not to make the same mistakes he made.

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