xyHt links: 10/31/14

New, Efficient Data Collection Solution for Water & Wastewater Industries

Leica Geosystems launches company blog

EyesMap tablet joins capabilities of total stations and 3d scanners in a portable device

Cloud-based Aerial Image Processing, Funded Kickstarter Campaign

Kinematic Laser Scanning System ProScan now supports Leica ScanStation P20 and P15 Laser Scanners

Promising 3D Portable Measuring Instrument Launched

Blue Marble Creates New Global Mapper Academic Lab Curriculum for GIS Educators

Fugro Surveys Major Submarine Cable Route

senseFly drone technology used to map Hawai’i lava flow

HP Unveils new PC with 3D Scanner and Projector & an Advanced 3D Printer

Under Congressional Pressure, U.S. Agencies Maneuver on eLoran Relaunch, GPS Backup

New S22 Hi-Temp Hard Hat

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