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Geospatial Holiday Gift Guide

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Here’s what xyHt’s Located contributors want for the holidays and their suggestions for great geospatial gifts. Kevin Lidtka Wants a VR Booth For Christmas I would like a special booth that I can sit in. Inside will be VR glasses and a controller so I can walk or fly around my point clouds or 3D […]

2022: Monumental Changes, Part 1

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The National Geodetic Survey of the U.S. responds to surveyors’ questions on how legacy physical geodetic monuments will be affected by the planned 2022 reference framework modernization. Editor’s note: A recent article in xyHt’s online newsletter, Field Notes, prompted a discussion among surveyors on the pending 2022 modernization of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) for […]

2022 and You

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The year 2022 …. “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run; you missed the starting gun.” —Time, by Pink Floyd (Gilmour, Wright) The year of the planned update of the U.S. national spatial reference system, 2022, looms large on the horizon and is […]

Geospatial Data United

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Industry trends are moving toward consolidated environments for data visualization, processing, and management. From the title you might get the impression this article is about a soccer team. To geospatial professionals, however, the title phrase could describe an ideal situation—the ability to handle all geospatial data in a common software environment. A soccer team is made up […]

Flying Stockpiles

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A team in Colorado is accurately estimating coal stockpile volumetrics with drones. Arch Coal is the second-largest domestic producer of metallurgical and thermal coal in America, with 96 million tons of coal sold in 2016. In total, Arch represents more than 13% of America’s coal supply from their complexes in Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wyoming, […]

BIM and Reality Modeling

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Working examples of BIM workflow optimization using reality capture techniques. Editor’s note: Until recent years, BIM has been a difficult subject to consider; many AEC practitioners had not yet been involved in a BIM-executed project. But today, globally, BIM advancements have become prevalent for many large-scale infrastructure projects. We at xyHt emphasize two aspects of […]