Tharcille Dukuzemariya

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Assistant Lecturer, INES-Rhuhengeri

Rhuhengeri, Rwanda

Tharcille Dukuzemariya earned her bachelor’s in land surveying at the Institute of Applied Sciences, the University in Rhuhengeri, Rwanda, then her master’s at the Université de Liège in Belgium. She is now an assistant lecturer at her alma mater in Rhuhengeri. Dukuzemariya has co-authored an important paper from a study of general and fixed boundaries, which is highly relevant because a group of initiatives are underway in Rwanda to tackle uncertainty in land ownership.

Dukuzemariya connected with many peers in geomatics from the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Young Surveyors Network through her attendance at the FIG annual conference (and fourth YSN international meeting) in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018. She said of the gathering, “During this conference, I […] got a chance to understand perfectly FIG and [the] young surveyor network and […] the importance of being in this network for a young surveyor and for the national associations of surveyors.”

Fellow YSN attendees were impressed with her optimism and enthusiasm for the profession. Dukuzemariya’s YSN profile quotes her as saying, “Nothing is impossible; always find the answer inside you.”

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