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The Cost of Compliance: FAA’s NPRM Remote ID: Part Two

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Due to a scheduling issue, the January 21st issue of Pangaea (including part one of this series) was published only online. Here’s the link to part one. In part one of this series, we looked at the basics of the FAA’s Remote ID (RID) plan as outlined in its notice of proposed rule-making (NPRM). Now […]

The Best of Commercial UAV Expo

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Once again I traveled to that desert paradise we call Las Vegas to attend the Commercial UAV Expo. And once again I was invited to participate in the “Pitch the Press” event. A panel of five “high profile press representatives,” including me, listened to pitches from 15 innovative UAS firms touting the newest offerings. So […]

Robotics Above, On, and Underwater

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Demo-ing Drones at UAS Colorado’s “Robotics on the Rez” Event In the September 10th issue of Pangaea we talked about Future Prepping: getting ready for the next generation of geospatial technology. I’d like to add another educational resource to that list: product demos. Product demonstrations are a great way to get a hands-on look at […]

Outstanding Geospatial Trends at INTERGEO 2019

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INTERGEO, the world’s largest summit in positioning and geospatial tech, wrapped up last week in Stuttgart, Germany, proving that even after 25 years it still can be a great show. It’s the biggest geospatial event of the year where companies around the world showcase their current innovations for the industry, and the xyHt team was […]

Future Prepping

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This month is National Preparedness Month, and while we all should take the opportunity to get prepared for emergencies, I’d like to talk about prepping along another line: getting ready for the future of geospatial. If there is any certainty in this life it is this: life is uncertain. The geospatial profession is no exception. […]

Navigating Streets with No Name

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Where streets have no names, confusion creates geo biz opportunities. Those of us in the business of mapping take pride in our wayfinding skills. Yet, on a recent trip to Florence, I found myself searching aimlessly for my hotel in the city’s medieval street layout. Something was definitely wrong when I ended up between numbers […]