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Geo Week 2019: Lots and Lots of Lidar

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Every time I go to this conference I get the sensation of drinking from a fire hose: so much lidar technology! This year the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) became Geo Week with the addition of the ASPRS annual conference and MAPPS winter conference. Here’s a small sample of the wide array of lidar tech […]

Crystal Ball: Housing 2019

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If you pay any attention to the news you’ve probably heard the drumbeats of the “R” word: the possibility of a recession this year. Because of the ups and downs in the tech, automotive, and telecom sectors, you’re probably starting to get nervous. Then there’s the housing market, which seems to be stalling. Because housing […]

Your Favorite Pangaea Issues of 2018

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With 2019 only a few weeks in, let’s look back at the past year and its highpoints. As your editor I took a look at the 2018 issues ranked by readership. Here’s the top three, why I think they were so popular, and the takeaways from each. Got GPS? Thank Hedy Lamarr I think this […]

Gift Ideas for Geospatial Pros: Nifty, Thrifty, and under $50

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Once again we offer up some gift-giving ideas for the geospatial professional in your family or circle of friends, or just to treat yourself—you deserve it, right? The links for each item below all go to Amazon, but choose your own vendor. Prices are accurate at the time of writing. Also, check out the Located […]

Anti-Anti-Drone Technology

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Why we need it and what form it might take. I was walking down the UAS-tech-laden hall of the 2018 Commercial UAV Expo when I spied two booths touting anti-drone technology. I thought to myself, “My issue is the opposite—keeping my UAS in the air. I don’t need any help crashing it.” Yet, looking back, […]

UAS for Confined-space Inspections: the DARPA Connection

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Dangerous, difficult, and dirty: these are missions that drones are often tasked for. Let’s look at one of the most dangerous tasks out there: inspection of confined spaces. Boilers, tunnels, storage tanks, underground storage areas, and vaults are a few good examples. How dangerous are these places? Here’s what the National Institute for Occupational Safety […]