Belinda Serafin

Graduate Surveyor, Sydney Trains Australia

Sydney Trains is the premier public transportation system for this city of more than four million. With infrastructure serving more than 340 million rider trips per year, the maintenance, upgrade, expansion, monitoring, and mapping for properties, planning, and environmental matters require a top surveying team. In 2017, a new graduate surveyor joined the team with impressive academic credentials and awards.

Belinda Serafin completed her four-year undergraduate degree in surveying at the University of New South Wales where she received four graduate prizes, including the Institution of Surveyors of NSW prize, the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information medal, and the Association of Consulting Surveyors’ of NSW Prize. Her undergraduate thesis explored flood mapping using satellite radar imagery compared to optical imagery and lidar. Belinda enjoys the balance her work provides: the technical aspects of surveying and GIS and being able to work outdoors.

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