Sponsored: GreenValley International Releases Handheld Mobile LiBackpack C50 to Meet Demands for More Sophisticated and Affordable 3D Mapping Systems

GreenValley International, a 3D mapping hardware integrator and software developer for processing point cloud data, announced the release of its latest handheld mobile LiDAR scanner, the LiBackpack C50. The LiBackpack C50 features a 360° panoramic camera along with the LiDAR and SLAM integration mainstays and was developed in response to increasing demand across a variety of industries for accessible true color point cloud processing from an affordable handheld mobile 3D mapping system.

LiBackpack C50 – Handheld, Mobile 3D Mapping System

The LiBackpack C50 offers many of the same features of GreenValley’s other backpack system, the LiBackpack 50, including the LiDAR sensors’ 360° horizontal field of view, 100-meter range and real-time Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

The innovative and highly coveted real-time SLAM registration allows users to capture 3D data quickly without long wait times to perform data registration post-scanning. This development in technology allows the LiBackpack C50 to scan everything from dense forests to city streets, all while visualizing the data through the real-time user interface.

Colorizing the point cloud data has proven to be an asset to many industries, including oil and gas; architecture, engineering, and construction; building information modeling and more. The camera data is pulled directly from the hardware system and processed through LiBackpack’s included proprietary processing software. This complete true color point cloud data is fully compatible with most point cloud processing software products or freely visualized within LiDAR360.

LiDAR360 is GreenValley’s comprehensive proprietary point cloud post-processing software. It includes modules for classification, terrain modeling, forest metrics, power line vegetation management and more.

For more information on the LiBackpack C50, LiDAR360 or other products offered by GreenValley International, visit https://greenvalleyintl.com/

About GreenValley International

GreenValley International is a 3D mapping hardware integrator and a proprietary software developer for processing point cloud data. Their goal is to provide a complete 3D mapping solution to clients spanning a wide range of global industries. For more information on GreenValley International, visit https://greenvalleyintl.com/.

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