Mahtab Moteab

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Geospatial Data Analyst, Geocurve Ltd.

Kelvedon, UK

Mahta Moteab began her geospatial career with an associate degree in civil engineering technology at the Technical Faculty of Surveying, Tehran, then a Bachelor of Surveying Technology at the Darolfonoon Institute of Higher Education. She has worked as a cartographer, and in photogrammetry as technician, and then as a senior engineer.  

What Moteab likes most about her current role as a spatial data analyst at Geocurve is that the job combines art and technology—to visualize the data as understandable for the client, you need basic knowledge about perspective and color so that every project looks like a masterpiece. She stresses that precision is highly critical and must be current and that a practitioner needs to constantly learn new features and applications to stay in the competition pool. Moteab views every project as a marathon to win—and therefore never boring.

Like others in this wave of the neo-geo, Moteab is being exposed to the latest in spatial- data-collection tech, as Geocurve is a prominent firm in UAS and mobile mapping as well as 3D modeling and processing solutions.  

We asked Moteab for advice for young people considering geospatial careers. “The growth potential in this sector has remained high. According to GITA, the geospatial market is growing at an annual rate of almost 35% so students can confidently rely on it for their future. This career is exciting, rapidly changing, and you can enjoy cool technology that merges nicely with many other technologies such as video, web development, and phone apps. This career helps you develop critical-thinking skills and enables you to do something about issues in your own community. And after all, it allows you to investigate what-if scenarios, model, ask questions, and investigate possible outcomes.”

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