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Phase One, a pioneer in medium- and large-format digital cameras and imaging systems introduced its latest innovation, PAS Pana at last week’s InterGeo in Berlin.  PAS Pana revolutionizes country-wide area mapping providing unmatched performance and precision.  

“With its large swath of 48,800 pixels you can now capture a maximum area in minimal time. Data collection has never been more efficient. We are extremely proud to be able to add this system to our aerial systems portfolio,” said Robert Bosch, Phase One Product Manager Manned.  

PAS Pana is a seven-camera wide-field system that redefines the landscape of aerial mapping precision and effectiveness. With a strategic configuration comprising five RGB cameras equipped with 150 mm lenses, and two NIR cameras with 70 mm lenses, PAS Pana reaches a total swath of ~ 48,800 pixels across flight direction.  

Together with its impressive range of high-resolution images that stretch from an astounding 2.5 cm Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) to an exceptional 30 cm GSD, customers now can cover the largest area with the lowest number of flight hours, while maintaining impeccable image clarity based on their needs.  

A Phase One customer’s unique need was the beginning of this latest innovation. Mike Mueller, Senior VP of Operations at Surdex Corporation comments, “To achieve the schedule and quality requirements of our clients, we must collect data rapidly. The high resolution and sensitivity of the PAS Pana system provides the speed and performance to meet our clients’ ever increasing requirements.” He continues, “Phase One has built a team of industry experts, backed by capable support group, ensuring efficient issue resolution.” 

As with all PAS systems, also PAS Pana is fully integrated with iX Suite which offers the most effective workflow and supports the mapping projects from planning to execution and processing.  

PAS Pana at glance  

  • 48,800-pixel swath for wide area coverage.
  • Minimize flight hours, capturing more data in less time.  
  • Pair it with iX Suite, Phase One seamless workflow where data quality is assured from the earliest possible stage. 
  • Operated with a broad range of resolution options.
  • Choose from a wide range of GSD coverage from 2.5 cm to 30 cm based on your needs.
  • Plug-and play design for any aircraft type.
  • Save precious data importing time using IIQ format, only available with iX Suite.
  • Free from content program restrictions.
  • Versatility for diverse mapping endeavors.

Learn more here: https://phaseone.ws/3F0Wpf0

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