22 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2022 – 10 of 22

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Throughout January xyHt.com will feature the young geospatial professionals who are making a name for themselves in everything from surveying to geographic information systems. xyHt featured all of them in the January issue. Here we will spotlight one each day.

Name:  Erica Lassen

Company:  Aero-Graphics, Inc.

Current Position:  Photogrammetry Manager

Age:  28

Education:  B.S., Geology/Earth Science, University of New Orleans; Master’s Coursework, Geological & Earth Sciences/Geosciences, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Biography: Erica joined Aero-Graphics in 2018 as an orthoimagery technician. Very quickly, her organizational skills, leadership abilities, and dedication to quality propelled her to management roles. Erica was recently promoted to the position of photogrammetry manager. Her responsibility now includes oversight of 10 highly-skilled technicians within the image processing, AT, mapping and ortho departments. Her broad knowledge of the inner workings of Aero-Graphics allows for a unique perspective in her management of complex projects. 

She has been a key factor in the development of internal process improvement and efficiency. She led the ortho quality control and delivery teams on the 2020 USDA SL and NRI programs and is now the production manager for the 2021 SL and NRI programs, overseeing all phases from raw image download to processing to final delivery, as well as subcontractor management.

Erica has two puppies, loves international travel, and has crossed the globe with her involvement in live action role-playing games.

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