22 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2022 – 15 of 22

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Throughout January xyHt.com will feature the young geospatial professionals who are making a name for themselves in everything from surveying to geographic information systems. xyHt featured all of them in the January issue. Here we will spotlight one each day.

Name: Keeley Shea

Company: Trimble, Inc.

Current Position: Applications Engineer, Advanced Positioning

Age: 24

Education: BS Geomatics and Geodesy Engineering, University of New Brunswick; Diploma in Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship (TME)

Biography: Keeley’s path to geospatial sciences was the result of the convergence of experience and education. She started her geospatial career as a survey field technician in southern Ontario and as a GIS analyst for an oil and gas company in the Atlantic region of Canada.

After completing her Capstone Engineering project at UNB on the capabilities of remote sensing in identifying toxic algae growth, she decided what truly interested her was the technology used within the field and the new wave of positioning solutions that could help make the field-to-finish process easier. Joining Trimble was the natural outcome of what she had learned, her previous experiences, and where her interests lie. She works at Trimble in the Rotational Development Program in the areas of BIM, GNSS and GNSS corrections and has managed projects to improve field solutions and market analysis of the developing trends in the geospatial industry.

Keeley is routinely inspired by what is being accomplished in the geospatial world by her peers, from the advancements in machine learning application, integration of mixed reality (MR) to the emerging visual odometry and SLAM technology as a faster and more accurate positioning solution.

She sees the field and its application expanding into new markets, including the automotive industry and the positioning of self-driving vehicles and heavy machinery.

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