A Re-imagined “24 Miles Round London”

Kristjana Williams, an Icelandic artist who lives and works in London, is fascinated by maps, mythical creatures, and Victorian engravings. She brings historical works of cartography back to life using vibrant, digital collages.

Pictured here is her interpretation of Daniel Paterson’s “24 Miles Round London” map, originally published in 1791. Paterson’s map presents London’s surrounding countryside in a circle with colors highlighting “seats of the nobility and gentry.” It was a “cloth-dissected” map, cut into sections and then individually pasted onto a cloth backing.

Williams’ version features her bright style of juxtaposing strong graphic lines with intricate Victorian engravings, photographs, and found objects.

The Map House, London’s oldest seller of antique maps, has been exhibiting Williams’ works this fall. Their collaboration with Williams was conceived through a mutual love of cartography and antiquarian aesthetics. Check out The Map House at themaphouse.com or email them at maps@themaphouse.com. More on Williams is at kristjanaswilliams.com.Round London

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