xyHt’s 40 Geospatial Leaders under 40

40 under 40

Join xyHt in Celebrating Young Leadership

in Geospatial Professions, Industries, and Sciences! 

Who are the current young geo-leaders internationally? And where are they making a difference?

There is a maxim:  “We teach children their future, and not our past.” With the exception (in the geospatial realm) of archaeology, forensics, monitoring, and boundary survey (where historical evidence, fundamentals, and method are of utmost importance), the new wave of leadership shines in recognition of and responsible management in rapid change (and even those disciplines have seen rapid change).

This is not just about the bold young folks shaping the world for geospatial practitioners, but about their contributions towards prosperity and a better world for our clients and the general population.

xyHt will be profiling 40 of these bold folks under 40 in the 2015 Outlook supplement (delivered with the December 2015 issue of xyHt)—“40<40” for short. We’ve reached out to folks within the many disciplines we cover: surveying, geodesy, education, construction, location sensors, spatial IT, and more, to help us identify candidates. But we would also like you help.

Do you know of a promising candidate or candidates (domestic and/or international)? Do you know an educator, mentor, active and promising student, support specialist, product developer or scientist, or advocate for geospatial matters? Do you know of a geospatial practitioner or educator who is preserving the past (without insisting we live in it)? How about leadership in professional associations? It’s not just about how many committees one volunteers for, but more about who might really be making a difference, and maybe in unconventional ways. Do you know of entrepreneurs who are showing us a better way, developing and providing products and services that yield increased production, better results, and enhanced safety? We would like to profile folks that are really making difference, who are shining examples to inspire youth to choose to enter geospatial fields.

At professional association meetings or conference you’ll hear the perennial conversations about the future of the professions, of succession planning, how to attract the next wave of practitioners, developers, researchers, and business leaders. Let’s think about the kind of young leader who inspire today’s youth, giving them examples of the great things they can do in geospatial fields, by providing shining examples (closer to their age). Let them know they can make a difference even early in their careers. Who are the geospatial equivalents of the bold folks who shaped their world? The Elon Musks, the Jobs, the Gates—folks who made a difference long before their 40th birthday?

Send your nominations to 40under40@xyht.com before October 1st 2015. You can write up a rough paragraph or two outlining your reasons for nominating, or simply provide a name. Helpful but not mandatory would be links (LinkedIn, website, or even an email address), head shot photo (or close-in action photo), or any other info to help our panel in the research and selection process.

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