Alasdair Begley

Alasdair Begley – Director – Saunders Havill Group – Australia

Alasdair Begley views the design and development of commercial and public projects in a Alasdair-Begleyholistic manner and develops solutions to challenges— approaching each as integral parts of the design process rather than compartmentalized independent tasks.  And with his bachelor’s degree in surveying from the Queensland University of Technology and cadastral endorsement from the state, he is well placed to tackle issues like titling schemes that must work within strict cadastral surveying regulatory frameworks.

He and the firm he directs, the Sanders Hill Group (a multi-disciplined design, surveying, planning, environmental and landscape architecture firm) are getting quite a bit of notice in Brisbane and in other parts of Australia, where multiple nominators have lauded his efforts in demonstrating the essential role of surveying in the broader design and planning process.

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