Gus Porter

Gus Porter – Vice President, Sawtooth Land Surveying – Idaho, USA

IMG_20151001_150211308Gus Porter views change as an opportunity, not only for his company but for his profession. Gus is a third-generation land surveyor who began surveying during his school breaks at the age of 14 and started his company with his dad.  He says he’s been fortunate to have had positive influences in his career, educating him about professional ethics, preservation, conduct, and “the old school” way of doing things. 

Gus’s company is largely staffed with other young surveyors who strive to lead the industry by investing in the latest technology (3D HDS scanning, bathymetric, software, etc.), providing a fair service to all of their clients with a smile, competitive wages for employees, and a positive work environment.  He and several employees are currently pursuing their degrees in land surveying.

When state licensure rules began to require a formal education component Gus found says school involvement “has been a big influence in teaching me to push myself and accept that there are limitless possibilities to what we can achieve in this vast field.”  Gus recently joined the NSPS/FIG Young Surveyors network (YSN) to help raise awareness in young people about the surveying profession. Gus is married with two daughters and enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding horses.

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