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40 Under 40, 2017: Danielle Smilovsky



Danielle Smilovsky

Danielle Smilovsky

WITH A BS IN ECOSYSTEM SUSTAINABILITY AND AN MS IN GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Danielle Smilovsky uses GIS and remote-sensing applications to study and analyze ground deformation around the world. She specializes in performing geotechnical land subsidence investigations using InSAR, SAR, lidar, and water data analysis to study mines, landslides, subsidence, recharge, earth fissuring, flood control structures, and various types of facilities and transportation structures. She’s used to working with big, complex datasets!

Last year Danielle presented a pilot study of a major subsidence feature in the Phoenix area using InSAR at the NASA Ames Research Facility, Moffet Field, California. Active SAR users around the globe were invited to collaborate about the new NISAR satellite mission to help construct a five-year roadmap of ideas, improve- ments, and events to guide the NISAR project leading up to the launch.

Danielle also runs the sustainability program for the Arizona offices on behalf of Amec Foster Wheeler, focusing on office improvement projects, environmental improvement and community outreach efforts, and social sustainability engagements.

Danielle is an active member and the vice-chair of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Ge- ologists, Phoenix Chapter.

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