xyHt Intergeo booth

Congrats Intergeo Subscriber Winners!

Two Subscribers Won “Door Prizes” at xyHt’s booth at Intergeo in Berlin, 2017

Linus Smid

Gavin Schrock, PLS, hands Linus Smid his new Oculus Rift.

Congratulations to new subscriber Linus Smid, a recent masters graduate in geotechnology (geochemistry and geoinformatics) from TU Berlin. Linus subscribed to the digital edition of xyHt at our booth and won from a random drawing an Oculus Rift package. We wish Linus luck with his job hunt and additional research using the Oculus. 

Aleksander Saso also subscribed to our digital edition at the booth and won from a random drawing a Gakken World Eye Projector Globe. He plans to use it at work at Calcon GmbH for real estate cost-estimation projections (pun intended).

Aleksander Saso

Shelly Cox hands Aleksander Saso his new projector globe.

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at Intergeo. We’ll see you next year in Frankfurt!

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