Weekly xyHt News Links: 04/19/2019

Hemisphere GNSS Announces New Atlas®-Capable, Multi-GNSS Vector™ V200 GNSS Compass

Quanta UAV, New INS/GNSS to Increase the Productivity of UAV-based Surveying Solutions

Orbit GT releases 3D Mapping Cloud v19.4 supporting 3D Models and Hybrid Resources

Parrot Unveils Thermal Imaging Drone: ANAFI Thermal

True Terrain Following available for professional drone surveys and inspections

Handheld, Mobile and UAV 3D Mapping Systems

National Society of Professional Surveyors Announces Results of 18th Annual Student Competition

Hemisphere GNSS Announces Strategic Partnership with C-Nav® Positioning Solutions, a Division of Oceaneering International, Inc.

GeoCue Releases New and Improved Way to Access Public LIDAR and Image Data



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