Weekly xyHt News Links: 10/27/17

Septentrio launches the AsteRx-m2a and AsteRx-m2a UAS at Commercial UAV Expo

WiBotic Announces a New Lightweight Onboard Charger Ideal for Wireless Charging of Smaller Drones

Teledyne Oceanscience Introduces a new USV! Welcome to Z-Boat 1250!

Solve Gas Detection Problems with Microdrones mdTector1000 CH4

Commercial UAV Expo and Drone World Expo Come Together in 2018 

OGC announces a new standard that improves the way information is referenced to the earth

Cepton Introduces Lightweight 3D LiDAR Sensing Solution for UAV Mapping

Integrated Drone Solution Enhances Utility Asset Data

Carlson Survey 2018 OEM Released

Velodyne LiDAR Partners with YellowScan for Integrated LiDAR for UAVs

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