xyHt Links: 10/3/14

Phase One Aerial Adds iXA-R Camera Platform; Introduces the iX Camera Controller

Global Land Carbon Intelligence – New Forest Land Classification Data Set Launched

Optech launches new survey technologies at INTERGEO

Interactive Esri Maps Explore Poverty in the US and Across the Globe

WaldoAir Corp introduces the first complete large format, low cost mapping and modeling solution for manned aircraft 

New blast modeling and consumables tracking tools target mining costs

Juniper Systems & Effigis Provide Easy, Inexpensive Sub-Meter GPS Accuracy

St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers Accepts Delivery of their First Unmanned Aircraft System for Precision Mapping and Surveillance

Optech announces new airborne lidar sensor

Global Mapper LiDAR Module Released with Feature Extraction to Create 3D Buildings and Trees

VIAmetris’ SLAM-based Portable Indoor Mapping System Aided by the New Ellipse-A AHRS.

Aibot X6 uses Leica Nova MultiStation for accurate geospatial data without GNSS 

FAA Begins Opening Airspace to Unmanned Aircraft as NextGen, ADS-B Draw Fresh Scrutiny

Icaros to Unveil Versatile Nadir/Oblique Aerial Mapping System at InterGEO

Atlantic Honored with MAPPS Award for Weakley County 911 Project

LocationTech Announces 2014 Tour

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