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Drone design: What Goes into Designing a Drone?

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A UAS firm tackles a topographic mission at 10,000 feet above sea level with their own system. (Above: IST Aerial’s Bo LeRoy uses the firm’s DJI Inspire One to collect data for volumetric calculations for compost piles located on a landfill in Colorado.) IST Aerial is a division of Integrated Science and Technology (IST), founded 25 […]

Dyan Gibbens: Founder and CEO of Trumbull Unmanned

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Women in Unmanned Systems Editor’s Note: In our ongoing effort to promote geospatial professions, we’re asking dynamic leaders what attracted them to UAS and other geospatial fields as well as advice they might have for young people considering choosing related career paths. From an early age, I knew I would pursue some sort of career […]

A New High-rise Squeezes in, Thanks to a Total Station

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A Hilton complex requires survey technology to ensure its place among historic buildings in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia, has a history of adapting to change. (Above: Norfolk’s newest high-rise was engineered to fit into its urban footprint.) With beginnings in 1636, the city has undergone war, epidemics, fires, and economic depression to grow into the […]

Don’t Drone On: Drone Talk & Geospatial Professionals

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How to explain the value of UAS to geospatial professionals. I’m the business development director at microdrones, where one of my goals is to help customers–who sell services like aerial mapping, surveying, infrastructure inspection, and monitoring precision agriculture–communicate to their potential clients the value of using UAS. This can be tricky in such a high-tech […]

Surveyors of Tomorrow: GIS and Families

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Over the past few years, I’ve been gathering quotes and anecdotes­—from the kids of survey practitioners­—about what they think other kids might find attractive about their parent’s chosen profession and why they might (or might not) choose the same path. Here’s a sampling that represents what I hear. The three children of Brad O, the […]