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Leveraging the Land Surveyor’s Roles: Testimony

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Providing Testimony Editor’s note: This past May, Ambrose Gmeiner completed his Professional Science Masters Degree from the University of Maine. His final paper, “The Land Surveyor as a Project Lead and Providing Professional Testimony,” is the source for this series of articles on increasing the skills, strengths, and credentials of the professional land surveyor. There […]

Rosalie Bartlett: Marketing Manager at Kespry

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Women in Unmanned Systems Editor’s Note: In our ongoing effort to promote geospatial professions, we’re asking dynamic leaders what attracted them to UAS and other geospatial fields as well as advice they might have for young people considering choosing related career paths. I’ve been fascinated by flight ever since I was little. If I were […]

The Green Monsters of GPavin

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An interview with the director of the GPS Directorate Col. Steven P. Whitney recently answered questions about the mission of the directorate, and he debunked a popular myth about the GPS constellation. Colonel Steven Whitney is the director of the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Directorate at the Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space […]

UAS at The Intersection of Preparation and Opportunity

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” —this advice is attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca. His counsel is particularly relevant to the current stage of UAS here in the U.S. Unmanned technologies have created big opportunities, and the FAA’s Rule 107 has unleashed them (to a high degree, arguably). Investors are paying attention. Just […]

A Lidar That Oversamples: Geiger Lidar Imaging

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Harris Corporation’s Geiger-mode lidar reaches new markets. Typical linear lidar systems repeatedly fire a single beam, each time measuring a single location on the ground. They collect data at a given resolution, which is also the processing resolution. By contrast, a Geiger-mode system is an array that illuminates a large area on the ground, capturing […]

The UAS Platform, and How to Pick One

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Secrets to Successful Selection Think UAS platform selection is cut and dried? Well, did you know that fixed-wing UAS, not multirotor, are the best fit for a specific (and growing) inspections market? Or that by choosing an amped-up multirotor UAS, your fee schedule could also get amped-up? Now that FAA Rule 107 is the law […]