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Jackie Wong

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Business Development Manager, Chain Technology Development Co. Hong Kong, China It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the evolution of AEC and infrastructure development—with so many new concepts and technologies. Even practitioners of the arts of surveying, mapping, and engineering must juggle learning new methods and machinations while assuring clients, partners, and stakeholders that all […]

The Power of Light

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xyHt visits Nikon’s optical surveying instrument production facility. [Photo above: Mika Takeda, inspector at the Nikon-Trimble Zao Operation Center, demonstrates the light weight of the compact instruments Nikon is renowned for manufacturing. In the background: environmental chambers to temper and test components and instruments.] A massive stone table sits in an environmentally controlled room in […]

An Interview with Jack Dangermond

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When I was invited by xyHt to attend the 2018 Esri User Conference, there was only one requirement: I had to interview Jack Dangermond, co-founder (with Laura Dangermond, his wife) of Esri. I was given a 15-minute interview slot on a Wednesday morning, which I hoped would be long enough to get a few big […]

AI-enabled UAS Inspection

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AI provides UAS users with biased analytics, the ability to analyze data for insights, and the knowledge of when to act. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the center of controversies regarding jobs and employment. Will AI take away all our jobs? While some jobs will indeed change or disappear as they have always and will […]

History – Art – Community (Updated)

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A community gathers for the dedication of Dave LaMure Jr.’s sculpture, “A Vision of Tomorrow,” honoring pioneering surveyor John E. Hayes. Updated: Nov 11, 2018. Audio presentation added at the end of the article. “This has changed my life,” said Dave LaMure, Jr. “It has touched me here,” he added, gesturing to his heart. LaMure […]

Mine Surveying

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Advancements in this discipline reflect changes in productivity and data flow for surveying. Mine surveyors are responsible for maintaining an accurate plan of the mine as a whole, and they update maps of the surface layout to account for new buildings and other structures. They also survey the underground mine workings in order to keep […]